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Back in March of 2015, I decided that I needed help with my nutrition, so I met up with Josh. Since then I decided to also use him as my personal trainer, as I wanted to get in shape for my wedding in July of 2015. In the beginning I weighed 140 lbs, my body fat was at 30.5%, I was always tired, and I had little energy. After much guidance, Josh steered me in the right direction. He helped me increase my vegetable intake, made me aware of the proper way to interpret nutrition labels, and increased my knowledge of nutrition. It became a lifestyle change for me, not just a phase or a temporary diet. His encouragement and knowledge also kept me motivated enough to consistently workout. By the time my wedding arrived, my weight had dropped to 127 lbs, my body fat to 19.5%, my energy levels were way up, and my productivity levels were much higher. The benefits to the improvement of my health greatly helped my love of obstacle racing. I competed in a number of races including Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, Foam Fest, and Spartan Races. Thanks to Josh’s training, I even managed to run Spartan Races back to back. In October 2015, I found out I was pregnant, and the benefits of having Josh in my corner continued on. By continuing my nutrition and training throughout the pregnancy, I stayed healthy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. It is now 6 weeks post pregnancy, and I have been able to bounce back to my healthy self, with energy levels that help my keep up with my little girl.

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